Keep an eye on cannabis stocks.

Germany may be about to legalize its use, and greenlight its consumption.

If so, says CNBC, “Legalization of the drug in the EU’s largest economy could potentially open the door to similar reforms in other European countries.”

All after Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said that the plans had received “very good feedback” from the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, adding that the bill could be announced by the end of March or in early April. “We will soon present a proposal that works, that is, that conforms to European law.”

Also, under the proposed plans, cannabis would no longer be classed as a narcotic, and citizens over 18 would be allowed to carry up to 30 grams of the drug for personal use. Consumers would also be free to grow up to three plants at home, and licensed stores and pharmacies would be able to sell cannabis products.

In addition, “If approved by parliament, the bill could be implemented in phases between now and mid-2024. It would make Germany the world’s largest regulated national cannabis market and the first country in the EU to permit its commercial sale — with potentially sweeping implications for the bloc.”

In the U.S., we’ll eventually see legalization.

Right now, U.S. states are legalizing it. And perhaps we’ll see even mora action from the White House following President Biden’s calls for federal reform.

Also remember, according to Tilray CEO Irwin Simon, as quoted by Yahoo Finance: “The US is $100 billion opportunity in cannabis. If you look at cannabis today in the US, 93% of Americans want medical cannabis legalized and about 63%, 65% want adult-use. Today, it’s legal in about 33 states, and plus DC. So, it’s out there that everybody– well, not everybody, but the majority of people want cannabis legally.”

Even better, support for legalization is growing like a weed. According to Gallup, “More than twice as many Americans think that marijuana has a positive impact on its consumers and society at large than say the same about alcohol, according to a new Gallup poll,” reported Marijuana Moment.”

While we wait on the U.S. to legalize it at the federal level, legalization elsewhere could fuel quite a cannabis market boom.